Tuesday, April 14

jangan jadi macam tu..

A 65 years old lady,came with the chief complaint of :-

-a lump on d right breast since 4 years

-lump was painless initially

4 years back,makcik ni consulted a doctor kat clinic near her house regarding this matter.

..tapi that doctor said, ''DON'T worry '' & sent her home..
(yes..without doing a proper investigation )

but now..
-since 2 months,that lump became painful
-and she noticed another swelling at her axilla
-for that reasons,she came to Kasturba Hospital a few days back.

tadi,kitorang tengok her reports for bone scan n FNAC
opss..all the findings suggestive of metastases
now she's in advanced stage of cancer

poor makcik..
things could have ended differently.. ( kalo doctor tadi tak buat2 pandai )

(at least,4 tahun lepas,may be metastases nih takde pun..)

moral of the story : jangan buat2 pandai..
refer je la kat org lain kalo da tak tau sgt tuu..

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